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Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan

This is your one stop resource to getting your trip to Tokyo put together! 

 Current time and date in Tokyo (e)

Current time and date in Tokyo (j)

Please feel free to browse the site and find all the information you need to have a fabulous time in Tokyo! Most of the pictures on this website are clickable links.
Tokyo has so much to see and do, but don't just see what the tourists see!  Get to know the customs and culture as much as possible so you're not missing out when you get there. :-)

Kids in Harajuku on a Sunday. Cosplay.

High School Kids in Tokyo

Kamakura 鎌倉, Japan 日本
Built in 1252, Daibutsu (the big Buddha) stands about four stories high in Kamakura, minutes from a black sand beach.

Check out the videos below for a bit of Tokyo flavor. The first video showcases the classic modern style in Tokyo and is called "I love new Tokyo"

Or why not get a feel for Tokyo through the eyes of a gaijin already living there? Check out the link below for one video* out of Tokyo Cooney's Life in Tokyo series.
* Please note that Ice Cream City is now closed but the video embodies the spirit of exploring weird and fun Tokyo. Of note, Ice Cream City had thousands of ice cream choices, from dozens of ice cream mini shops such as the Italian Gelateria for a fresh delicious chocolate Italian gelato, the French Glacee for freshly made Lemon ice, or the crepe stand for delicious strawberry and chocolate crepes with ice cream like in the pic below. However Tokyo Cooney has chosen the daredevil's corner of Ice Cream City, where they have fridges filled with pints of awful ice cream. You're not a man until you've tried cow tongue or beer ice cream!



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