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Why we decided to make a website about Tokyo:

In 2009, while planning a second trip to Tokyo we built this site to invite our friends and family to go with us and give them an easy way to discover what there is to see and do in Tokyo.  Japan has such a rich and different culture that it's like no other place in the world -  it's simply not accurate to say "It's like New York but younger and with a better train system." or "It's like Paris but the streets are much much cleaner" It's Tokyo! - - unique in its futuristic optimism, its careful preservation of nature & history and  of course, its streamlined style. 
We're back from our 2010 trip to Tokyo, while we were there we posted a daily vlog of what we did there on YouTube, here's the link if you want to see more of Tokyo. :-)
It's now 2020 and we're going back to Tokyo and taking some friends with us and making some small changes to this site to reflect Tokyo's current state (as it's always evolving). :-).
Please enjoy the site and have fun in Tokyo if you're going!  If you have any questions or comments please email us at crystyra@letsgototokyo.com

Crystal and Tyra

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そうだ 東京行こう!