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Yomiuriland よみうりランド
This theme park is a one-of-a-kind experience, it has rides like Six Flags Magic Mountain set on a hillside in Kawasaki (just outside of Tokyo).  It's familiar enough to make you feel comfortable and  unusual enough to bring home some pretty great pictures.  Here you can ride roller coasters, bungee jump, walk through japanese haunted houses and even visit a mega spa.
The mascot for Yomiuriland is a creature named LandDog, he's supposed to be an alien who landed in Yomiuriland on his spaceship, so no one knows how much he's really like a dog.
Yomiuriland LandDog

These statues at the entrance to the park, represent the japanese extreme-ride-enthusiast that Yomiuriland wants to welcome. 
Yomiuriland Entrance

The guy in the front wearing only a fundoshi (a type of underwear usually reserved for matsuri (festivals)) has no tattoos clearly indicating that's he's not a Yakuza (japanese feudal gang member), and probably wearing a tie for the same reason.  He's just a gutsy guy, that's all, a real manly man.  The two in back represent the more westernized version of a tough guy (not bullies).


Please see the YouTube video below of our trip there in 2010 to get a feel for how the park is:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs8BqJ77D00 (for HD version)


White Canyon - This wooden roller coaster is alot like "Colossus" in Six Flags Magic Mountain.  If you like wooden coasters, you'll love this one,  although we've heard that it might be a little bumpier than one's american's are used to.

White Canyon

 White Canyon Entrance

White Canyon


Bandit - This steel monster is the most popular coaster in Yomiuriland, built in 1988 as the fastest, tallest coaster in the world Bandit holds a pretty good record to this day.  The first drop is 256 feet in length and reaches speeds up to 68 mph.  If you need a comparison Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain is similar.

Yomiuriland Bandit

 ...and there's the first drop.

Yomiuriland Bandit



Bungee Jump - It IS a bungee jump. You have to weigh between 83 - 240 pounds to take the 7 story jump. 

Yomiuriland Bungee


It's a fairly tame bungee jump as bungee jumps go, and what we think is cool about it is they have a crash pad below like real stunt men and after the jump instead of reeling you back up, they lower you down on the soft pad and you can walk away.  Anyway, if you want to impress your friends with the phrase "I've been bungee jumping in Tokyo!" this could be your ideal opportunity.   Of note: the Bungee jump costs 900.


Please see the video below:



House of Terror - The japanese are fascinated with ghosts and spirits, it's their primary source of fear.  Most horror movies in Japan will feature a ghost and if you've ever seen the movie "The Ring" (originally produced in Japan as "Ringu") it'll give you a good sense of what a japanese ghost story is like.

House of Terror

 Who knew Gilligan's island could be so scary.   Where's the Skipper?  Did you make new friends, little buddy?

House of Terror

 ..and looking at Mary Ann, it's hard to imagine what "Lovey Howell" looks like!

House of Terror


Oh well...let's hope the Professor has a plan!  After that it's time to take a break.
OKANOYU - This mega spa has separate baths for men and women, that recreate the great Onsen of Japan.  You can see in the map below the men's baths are coded blue and the women's in red. We'll point out a few features below:
Okanoyu Map src=

1/1 - Warm Sea Salt Bath   2/2 - Warm Silk Bath  3/3 - Warm Bed Bath

Sea Salt Bath src=
Silk Bath src=

Bed Bath” src=


11/11 - Super Jacuzzi         19/19 - Hot Pot            20/20 - Sauna Tower
Super Jacuzzi src=Hot Pot src=
Sauna Tower src=
Restaurants - There are several restaurants in Yomiuriland all serving traditional japanese snacks and dishes like Curry Omelettes, Takoyaki and our personal favorite Japanese Crepes.

and if sweets aren't your style....they also have takoyaki and beer! :-)




Please click the link to see your restaurant choices.
There are of course many more attractions at Yomiuriland.
Yomiuriland Map


Below is a review of the park with lots of pics and detail.

Entrance Fee to Yomiuriland
Admission: 1600 (adult) (half price for ages under 17 or over 60) - all rides priced individually
One Day Passport: 3900 (adult) 2900 (kids to 17)  - all rides included. (except Bungee Jump)

Getting There


Take the Keio 京王 line (from Shinjuku or Nakano) to Chofu 調布, from there make sure you're on the line to Keio Yomiuriland 京王よみうりランド and continue on, or wait on the platform for the Keio line to Keio Yomiuriland.

Price: 280 Yen

Time: 30 minutes

Keio Yomiuriland Station


From there take the Yomiuriland Ropeway (200 Yen) to the Yomiuriland Entrance. Time: 5 minutes

Yomiuriland Ropeway





For more amusements, please click the link below:

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