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SANRIO - Most of us know Japanese Corporation "Sanrio" through Hello Kitty, and most of us know her through the Sanrio Rainbow Gate store (see New York's latest in the pic below), it's kind of a cuter version of a Hallmark store.  
Sanrio Luxe

 Walk into one and you'll marvel at just how much stuff they can fit Hello Kitty's face onto....candies, pens, pencils, erasers, backpacks, purses, sleeping bags, vacuums, toasters... and so much more, right? 


But what if you wanted more? 

Puroland Lunch

Where can you get Hello Kitty Steamed buns complete with pink bow? or Hello Kitty Stick Snacks? or a Hello Kitty Bento on a Hello Kitty tray?

Puroland Ramen
What if you wanted a steamy bowl of Hello Kitty Ramen?


Sanrio Ramen
...and wanted to eat them with Hello Kitty Chopsticks?
HK Stamp
or y'know what ?  Maybe you just want to mail a letter with a Hello Kitty Stamp

...and drop it into a Hello Kitty Mailbox. 

HK Mailbox


Well, Tokyo has a solution for that...


SANRIO PUROLAND  サンリオピューロランド

(aka "The Hello Kitty Theme Park") -  With just about anything and everything you can imagine from the world of Sanrio. 

Sanrio Puroland


Puroland (Pureland in english) isn't like most theme parks we know, it's all indoors for a start and because the main event for most Tokyo-ites are the shows, the rides are scarce, but if you're interested in seeing Hello Kitty in a world of Sanrio come to life then this amusement park should put a smile on your face.
Upon entering Puroland you'll see the entrance to "Puro Village"
Puroland Lobby
the painted sky lends an air of peace and calm.
Puroland Lobby
 Hello Kitty Boat Ride
Hello Kitty Boat Ride

 This boat ride is alot like "Its a Small World" but filled with Sanrio characters.   Some of the characters, you might not know like this monkey called "Monkichi" below:

Sanrio Boat Ride

...but rest assured you'll see some old favorites like Hello Kitty and My Melody, ...the character on the right is Kuromi, born on Halloween she's My Melody's arch nemesis.

My Melody and Kuromi


  ..and the Little Twin Stars relax while swingin' on a star.

Sanrio Boat Ride

 It's not all sunshine and rainbows though, after we see an entire room of Badtz Maru gambling....

Badtz Maru gambling



 and drinking (also, that's one confused bartender)...

Badtz Maru drinking



It ends with him getting spanked by his mom, her arm moves up and down and if you look closely....Badtz Maru has a tear streaming down his face.

Sanrio Boat Ride

and now that you've seen the thrills and horrors of the boat ride, why not visit Kitty -chan ("Miss Kitty" as the japanese know her) in person?



Kitty's House - That's right!  It's Hello Kitty's official residence, it takes no time to realize that Kitty-chan's got quite an ego.
Hello Kitty’s House


Her car is parked out front.
Kitty’s Car

 After an attendant calls Kitty-chan and announces your arrival you walk into the Foyer...a skylight drops beads of water (seemingly held in mid-air) to the fountain below.

Kitty’s Foyer

You get to see Kitty's dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and when you're done you get to meet Miss Kitty and take a picture.


Miss Kitty


Check out our visit to Puroland in 2010 on YouTube below:


Restaurants - Puroland has a main restaurant on the first floor, a food court and a fancier buffet restaurant on the fourth floor


Character Food Court - This is Puroland's main restaurant and is the most conveniently located (on the first floor).

It's called a "food court" but we're in Japan and that's just a name, there's only one menu here. Dig into dishes like pasta and curry modeled on Sanrio characters, like the My Melody Pink Curry and Cinnamon Sweet Dreams Curry below:

Character Food Court


Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant - This rainbow-themed restaurant features a separate menu for 7 Sanrio characters. Choose from pasta, roast beef over rice, desserts and more.

Sanrio Rainbow World

Pasta Plate with Character Dessert Cup


Yakata - Yakata means "Little Castle" and this classic restaurant was renovated and opened again in April 2019 as a meet & greet character restaurant with a family buffet.  yay!

Yakata Restaurant

Yakata Buffet

 After you eat, why not check out a show?


Puroland Shows - Please see the YouTube video below of Cinnamoroll's show to get an idea of how the shows are there.  Believe it or not, when they get to the chorus they're singing "Imag-i-nation" in english.

...and then you can go shopping.


Festival Plaza - The biggest Hello Kitty store in the world.
Sanrio Store


Vivitix - For older more distinguished shoppers.
Sanrio Store


 phew!  Just enough cuteness. 


To get more info, click the link below to connect to the official english page for Sanrio Puroland.





Getting There


Take the Keio 京王 line (from Shinjuku or Nakano) to Chofu 調布, from there make sure you're on the line to Tama Center 多摩センター and continue on, or wait on the platform for the Keio line 京王  to Tama Center 多摩センター.

Price: 330 Yen

Time: 40 minutes

Tama Center src=



Once at the train station in Tama Center just follow the signs to the outdoor shopping center, you'll see it and at the very end is Sanrio Puroland.


For more amusements, please click the link below:


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